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As we continue to fight for all to be safe in the future, let me start by saying I hope you are all ok.  It’s certainly been a blur of WFH, farm life, winter weather and one thing I’m desperate for is to have someone else to cook me dinner! After a year of daily cooking I dream of eating at a restaurant! 

We are all feeling up and down and that’s ok.  It’s certainly been extremely stressful for my industry with all the salons closed and I know so many of you will be on the waiting list for when they open. 


I hope you’ve been enjoying my live beauty Q&A’s to get you through this time. If you would like to join in, I do them over on my Facebook and Instagram social channels.  Do give me a follow to keep up to date on my live Q&As, exciting projects I am working on, and be the first to have access to free beauty advice, great offers, and new product launches.


Speaking of launches, I was recently on a photo shoot for a secret project I am working on this year (I can’t wait to tell you all about it soon) where I used this Percy and Reed collection.  I highly recommend it and I’ve added a few photos for you to see the results yourself.

Photoshoot using Percy and Reed products
Photoshoot using Percy and Reed products
Photoshoot using Percy and Reed products

The day before the photoshoot I washed and blow dried my hair using this collection. On the shoot day, I had about 5 or 6 different styles and not much time.  The photographers were so impressed that my hair could be styled and reshaped so quickly with the flexible movement using the hairspray that I had to leave all my Percy and Reed products with them! 


In these times of lockdown we may be working in slippers and jeans but what happens above the shoulders is important for FaceTime work and family screen time but MAINLY for yourself to feel good every time you pass the mirror or touch your hair.  The modern, soft, bouncy lift and volume can take 10 years of you (if you need it!) and put a spring in your step (even if it is only just down your own hall). Here are some of my top tips:


  • Dry your hair upside down at the root or against the way you’re eventually going to style it. Finish with a cool shot to the root when dry or immediately wrap in large velcro to hold the root up and keep ends smooth for 30 mins or longer
  • Lifted roots make hair look thicker, thicker hair makes you look younger 
  • If you want to use the heated appliance to smooth, curl or create a wave, start by spraying with this hairspray first which acts as a heat protector and really holds shape 
  • A recent FAQ sent to me was ‘How do I get the dyson air wrap curl to hold?’ For me it only works if this spray is used immediately after releasing from the wrap and before I shake out. 

I appreciate we don’t need our best going out look at home during lockdown but those times will come back and at the moment this kit will really disguise the fact that we all need a haircut and help make us look relaxed but groomed.

Percy and Reed Collection


Continuing on this theme have you considered styling your office or personal FaceTime area to be as flattering as possible? Here are a few simple hacks

  • Face a light or window so your camera picks up a brighter look on your face 
  • Raise your camera or laptop (if you don’t have a stand use a few books) so that it is pointing at eye level or slightly above.  This will improve the look of dark circles and stops you looking tired 
  • Use a contrasting coloured wall background – pale hair medium to dark, dark hair medium to light or even consider a corporate colour if you’re employed! (of course you may have been given a corporate virtual background if so dress to match)
  • Think about your neckline, posture and clothing smartness from the waist upwards (I always grab a cardi for between meetings)
  • Consider the image of any wall hangings or views behind you and what impact they may have, especially as so many job interviews and appraisals are done in this way now
  • Have a few makeup essentials around you but keep them out of sight.  The makeup bag has been replaced by the desk trug makeover! Must haves for an ‘au natural at home look’ would include something to powder down shine, you will need slightly more upper mascara, upper liner and brows and you’re good to go
  • Consider what you look like for a big zoom meeting call – do you want to stand out?


After the stress of work, WFH, lockdown, homeschooling, isolation, shielding or whatever your circumstances are, the bathroom is an essential escape and if you’re anything like me, I know I’ve been sending a lot more gifts via the post just to say hi. 

This wonderful boxed gift collection from Korres is the perfect treat for yourself to help you relax and unwind and would make a great gift for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. For the ultimate birthday gift, what about a themed dinner and bathing experience around this gorgeous collection.  It’s available to buy here and can also be used as a luxurious hand wash as well as a shower or bathing delight.

All in super big sizes which is perfect considering we all need to wash and certainly moisturise when so much hand sanitising in the day too! Both body moisturisers can double up as family-sized rich hand creams full of natural butters, oils, and peptides.  Take a listen to the video below and buy early here

Korres Collection

You can watch the live TV launch with Liz on QVC Saturday night at 9 pm and all day Sunday (or while stocks last).


My beauty insider shows have started back at QVC so catch me on a Wednesday at 8pm.  I will be continuing to WFH as per govt and medical guidelines but as I have had my first inoculation I will be back in the studios on Wednesday 25th Feb and I am certainly looking forward to cautiously and safely doing meetings in London and the U.K. labs and brands again from March onwards with my consultancy clients in my industry roles. 

I am desperate to get back riding and hope to do that next month. I haven’t been able to ride as lockdown is not suitable for competition horses and a visit from me to hospital after a riding accident would not be in the spirit of supporting the NHS. My horses require stimulation of competitions, lessons, gallops all requiring normally 2 or 3 trips a week in the horse box which I don’t consider essential in these times (I’m an HGV driver – there’s a little known fact 😂) 

Farm Life
Farm Life

Look after yourselves and each other 


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