12 Days of Beauty and Farm Life

With wet weather, new tiers and looming lockdowns, it’s definitely about taking care of yourselves, family, friends and colleagues. Today’s blog is packed with my ultimate 12 Days of Beauty advice!

I wanted to get this final blog out to you at the end of this horrendous year to check in and say I hope you’re ok.   If you’re not then please ask for help from you doctor, family, friends, neighbours, local organisation (these can be found via phoning for e.g., the Samaritans help line) because we are all in this together. 

I know I have certainly done things differently this Christmas by donating more to charities, food banks, local organisations, key workers as well as the usual animal charities.


Farm life continues to be quiet with Covid-19.  The horses are still on/off with time, maintenance and rehab.  With no real deadlines of shows, it’s been a strange year.  One thing that doesn’t change is the rain – so plenty of the wrong sort of mud here!

12 Days of Beauty
Visions of a wet and muddy farm life

Beauty Consultancy

Alison Young consulting has continued to grow with (unfortunately) so many brands needing my help in these difficult times.  It’s been about survival for so many industries but I’m glad to say all my brands are surviving and diversifying.  It was a diverse year of not only consulting and formulating but also so many of my press and industry roles done across zoom and other platforms.

12 Days of Beauty
WFH, TV, Radio, Press, Live broadcasts on social and the eternal zoom/team/meetings for a new normal consultancy


Thank you for supporting my social and I shall continue with my live social broadcasts in the new year.  I also have some new projects too which I hope you will enjoy.


Here’s a few previews of topical FAQ’s  for you to see first :


Beauty is self-care and it has never been so important.  So, I wanted to share my top list to help and encourage you to feel good about yourselves (or to press that reset button if you’re feeling a bit wobbly). These are all things that can be done on your own, or with family if you’re in the same home.  Do some together or encourage others when catching up with each other too!

1.) Enjoy a hot bath or shower.  Go all out – music, candles, every shower gel, face scrub and Christmas tipple you enjoy!  Just enjoy it! I’ve even been known to pull up chair next to bath for nibbles along with a good book! 

2.) Create a winter rejuvenating facial.  Cleanse, cleanse again, exfoliate and tone before following by applying all your serums (water based first), then oils, moisturisers and masks to finish on top.  Leave to sink in.

3.) Paint your nails and do it for yourself. 

4.) Aromas can boost your mood so spray perfumes or use diffusers and oil burners when you need a boost.

5.) Put makeup on for your zoom or FaceTime calls as if you were going out, this will please other which in turn will please you as well as doing it for yourself.

6.) Do things differently at different times e.g., have a spa day during the day instead of at night etc.

7.) Give yourself foot soak and massage or pedicure in front of the TV.

8.) It will soon be a new year, so what about a new you? Think about and try something new. Blow-dry your hair or curl it differently, change your eyebrows, grow stubble, change beard style or try different makeup.

9.) Sort out and place your beauty, grooming, hair and makeup products in order of your routine so that they are easy and quick to use (make sure you have all your applicators and brushes at the ready)

10.) Get fully dressed and made up for zoom calls and FaceTime’s and enjoy the self-care ritual of making yourself look good for YOU.

Top Tips

Place beauty zones around your house or at different seats to enjoy these self-care moments during the days of lockdown.  If you’ve been WFH, clear away your work zone and reclaim your home until you need to return back to work.

The biggest thing I would like to say to you is to be less critical of yourself.  For everything you tell me you would like to change or improve about yourself I think it’s massively important to say things that you like about yourself too.  In an over critical world, it’s easy to forget to praise yourself, so every time you look in the mirror start and finish with self-praise.

Thank You

Finally, for all those NHS heroes and key workers – Thank You!  Thank you to your families too as the strain will be felt by your support network too.  Let’s not forget the emergency services, armed forces and their families who are forever our normal frontline with no days off over Christmas and New Year. A heart felt Thank You and appreciation of what you do, you’re amazing!

This year more than ever – A healthy and safe Christmas and Happy New Year to all!



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  1. Thank you for your blog advise and beautiful smile during these uncertainty…have a wonderful Xmas and stat safe..xx

  2. Thankyou Alison for your good advice and encouragement. You are an inspiration. Take care and stay safe. Wishing you a good Christmas.

  3. Yes,definitely agree with number 3!!! I am often on Zoom and it’s a good excuse to dress smart and look your best!!!

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