Skin Concerns

It’s important to know what skin type you are before you can address what your skin concerns are – click here to find out more.

If you already know what skin type you are then click on the topics below to learn more about skin concerns and conditions and what can be done to improve the look of your issues and concerns:

“You could have no skin conditions and then suddenly have one or many at the same time, which can really confuse you and how you look after your skin. By understanding these skin conditions, and knowing the dos and don’ts, you can manage them so that you can feel in control.”

Sensitive Skin

Ageing Skin

Spotty Skin

Pigmented or Tired and Dull Skin

Hormonal Skin Including Teenage, Menopause and Pregnancy

Male Skin and Beard Maintenance

High Colour or Redness

Dehydrated and Dry Skin

Advice for Outdoor and Fitness Fans

Skin Through Illness

Skincare Through the Changing Seasons

Advice for Tattoos

Eczema Explained

How to Help Psoriasis

It’s important to carry out a Patch Test when using new or reintroducing products you haven’t used for a while – find out more here.