Find out why it’s so important to know your hair type to achieve the best results from your hair care regime by watching the video below.

If you know your hair type and want advice on hair conditions and concerns then click here.

“Hair can be your crowning glory and the difference between a good day or a bad one!”

“Fine hair can be fly away and appear thinner but can be made to look fuller with my simple techniques.”

“Medium hair is the easiest to look after but can still suffer damage and can need specialist hair.”

“Thick hair can also mean you have thirsty hair so you can save money by understanding your hairs requirements.”

“Curly hair can be temperamental, however, if you find the perfect regime you can manage and maximise your curls with fantastic results.”

Now you know what hair type you have you can learn about which ingredients and products you need to be looking for to address any concerns you may have and help achieve the perfect style by clicking here.

It’s important to carry out a Patch Test when using new or reintroducing products you haven’t used for a while – find out more here.