About Alison

Born in the North but now living in the South and having worked all over the UK, as well as throughout the world, Alison is globally recognised as one of the most experienced, qualified professionals in the industry.

Most known for her roles on screen as a household beauty name she loves to share her advice across TV, radio and press as well as interact directly with her followers on social media. While behind the scenes she continues to develop her consultancy business reporting at board level and working from start ups to some of the biggest beauty brands in the world.

““If there’s one thing my experience in the beauty industry has taught me, it’s that a beauty regime should be as individual as you are.”


“Having had no cosmetic work myself allows me to test and evaluate brands and products thoroughly, so that I truly know what results are achievable for people at home.”

Her encyclopaedic knowledge is based on qualified experience that comes from a career spanning all different roles from within the beauty industry, as one of the first celebrity facialists treating Royalty and a-listers, to product development and training roles for some of the biggest beauty brands in the world.

Alison has worked with hundreds of brands, has tested thousands of products, treated tens of thousands of clients, advised hundreds of thousands of customers both one to one and through her broadcasts and millions of people have followed her beauty expertise across TV, radio and social media.

““From Capital to Country, products and techniques need to be adapted to your lifestyle and budget.”

Today Alison splits her time between capital and country with a typical day involving riding her horses and walking her beloved dogs, consulting for global beauty brands and testing the latest products and techniques and judging them against heritage formulas. Then later in the day Alison will apply a high fashion gloss look to share her knowledge across TV and social media to help problem solve beauty concerns and give people routines and results they can achieve in their own home.

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