Alison’s Beauty Philosophy

Alison’s beauty knowledge is based on tried and trusted products and techniques and she is famously able to customise regimes for all people and all budgets. This means that she can give advice on a high maintenance, high price, high result beauty regime but is just as happy to give advice on a few key products in a lower price point for a simple, but much cherished regime that is dependable and affordable.

Firmly against the need for surgery and injectables, unless advised by a doctor or GP, Alison promotes the authentic results that her audience can achieve in their own homes using the beauty products, treatments and techniques she recommends through her research and testing, and revels in sharing these findings.

“I’ve seen fantastic results with topical application beauty products, it’s just about using the right ingredients at the potent concentration and with the correct application techniques.”


“My business has continued to increase over the years, without advertising, I put this down to my honesty and integrity – this may have lost me quite a few jobs in the past but I believe in the long run has resulted in fantastic working relationships with top brands and my peers in the industry.”


Alison loves to share her knowledge and teach techniques which often don’t require buying additional product and how and when to use what consumers already have at home to greater effect in their own regime.

Today social media has become invaluable for Alison in sharing her knowledge and philosophy further through regular Q&As and recommendations, allowing her direct access to audience concerns and giving them much trusted advice.