Skin Type

Find out why it’s so important to know your skin type to achieve the best results from your skin care regime by watching the video below.

If you know your skin type and want advice on skin conditions and concerns then click here.

“It’s important to know your skin type so that you can choose the correct products for your skincare routine but also so you know just how much product you need to use.”

Take a look below to learn more about your skin type and what ingredients you should be looking for in your skin care products plus what techniques to use.

Patch testing products and understanding the positive and potentially negative effects of ingredients is crucial when trying a new beauty regime or product. Find out more here.

“Oily skin is the most active skin type but it’s the least likely to age quickly if you know how to look after it.”

“Combination skin is confused skin that needs balancing through skincare routines.”

“Normal skin is actually the rarest skin type”

“People with dry skin need to use more – more moisturiser, more serums, more masks!”

Once your skin type is identified you may need to look at your skin concerns alongside this to prioritise how best to use ingredients for maximum results – this is called Hybrid Skin, watch the video below to find out more.

“Knowing how to prioritise your skin concerns with skin type is important in choosing skincare ingredients.”

Now you know what skin type you have you can learn about which ingredients and products you need to be looking for to achieve the perfect makeup base by clicking here.

If you have skin conditions or concerns, be it rosacea, dryness, slackened skin or you’re curious as to how pregnancy, age and even the seasons can effect your skin, click here to learn more and find out what products and techniques can be used to help counteract these issues.

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