Male Skin


“It’s important for Men to know their skin type and condition so that in today’s male grooming market they know which products will perform for them.”

As with women, the first step in creating or addressing skincare is with the basics, find out more below.

Don’t know your skin type? Click here to find out.

Men’s Skin Concerns

I’m often asked by men about how to address their skincare needs – below are some of the most commonly asked questions:

“Beards are cool, but don’t forget the skin underneath.”

“Skincare at the gym is all about perspiration.”

“If you want to keep the colour in your tattoo to stay vibrant you need to protect it .”

“Knowing what type of spot you have is important in knowing how to tackle it.”

“Outdoor skin requires different TLC to spending time indoors.”

“What is causing the body spot is the key to addressing your concerns.”

“No make up make up is the best trick for guys who want a more refreshed look without makeup.”

“We all have body odour, it’s completely natural but can get out of hand.”

Men share many of the same skin issues as women – for more of these concerns and conditions click here.

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It’s important to carry out a Patch Test when using new or reintroducing products you haven’t used for a while – find out more here.