Glowy Skin & Summer Skin Recovery

I hope you’ve all had a good summer. It’s around now and over the next few months that summer skin recovery is essential. You can address this in a couple of ways. Firstly, increase the amount of products that you’re already using, or upgrade to a course of richer or skin recovery products – I am using Bobbi Brown and Murad to counteract summer pigmentation and get brightness and glow back. You can make your skin look more alive by increasing massage techniques which you can do while you’re cleansing or applying oils or richer creams. You can do this with your hands or by using a gua sha or massage tool and if you keep the tool with your products it will remind you to use it. I also love doing a course of daily steaming which adds a bit more time to your routine but increases the effectiveness and absorption of your products and immediately gets your skin glowing.

We all need to take a look at our lives every so often and ensure that our sleep regime is right, whether this is due to midlife menopause or work commitments, setting a night time routine is an important part of self care and mental health. An early evening meal and a longer wind-down will ensure that you’re not eating too close to bedtime. Careful planning will be needed if you work unusual hours like I do between TV and my beauty brand consultancy business as I can be doing virtual meetings late at night. I find two things can make a big difference – drinking plenty of water (you won’t sleep well if dehydrated) and a magnesium supplement for a good night’s sleep – I recommend The Naked Pharmacy – Marine Magnesium as it’s 100% natural with no synthetic ingredients. You can get 20% off by using code ALISON on any of their products. You can also speak to one of their registered pharmacists directly for any questions. Do also speak to a doctor if you have any concerns.

Here are a few of my must-have products to achieve glowy skin and aid skin recovery after the summer months.

Homedics Nano Facial Steamer on QVC, £50

I love the directional nozzle on this steamer and a top tip is to steam while you’re cleansing. You can also use it to help the absorption of any of your treatment oils, or while using a gua sha or similar massage tool. Not only does it deep clean and help products to absorb, it also helps bring oxygen to the surface of the skin which in turn adds vibrancy. This Homedics steamer is a great price – I have a branded version that cost more than double and it’s exactly the same machine.

Worth £150, yours for £75

Murad Vitamin C Duo £75 on QVC

This has made a massive difference to my skin this year with visible results. It provides glow, smoothness and anti-pigmentation and also lasts a long time. This duo is great value too as the Vita-C Serum is normally £85 and the Vita-c Eyes is £65 when bought directly from Murad (so two products for less than the price of one!) Murad is a great salon performance brand enabling you to achieve salon results in your own home.

111 Skin Y Theorum Bio Cellulose Facial Mask – single
or 5 Pack  

Skin flooding is a massive trend at the moment, it’s about getting as much serum into your skin as possible. This Harley street mask from Dr Yannis Alexandrides, delivers a 23ml dose of serum in one mask. I love using it before having photos taken or ahead of a special event. You can also use it as a recovery mask when you know your skin is tired. It pumps and plumps up the look of your skin so much so that on social media I was accused of having botox after using it!

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Beautifying Face Palette

Very few things bring me as much joy as make-up trickery. Designed to work on your bad days, as well as your good days, this industry leading palette is an absolute jewel – I’ve purchased it myself and I’ve also gifted it to friends. The textures are sheer, and because they last for ages, they are great value. They have a lovely smooth texture and a combination of matte and glow finishes to create dimension and bloom on the skin. I love the Pillow Talk Beautifying Face Palette for a healthy bloom of peaches and pinks (I use fair – medium) to keep your summer glow going.

Worth £132, yours for £79

Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Skincare Set

This is a recent purchase and offers fantastic value of £132 worth of full size products with over £50 saving. It gives extra repair and the rich buttery textures are great for skin recovery after summer or illness, or if you have very dry skin like me. So many products are not rich enough but these ones smell divine and instantly make your skin feel bouncy, supple, cushioned and smooth – plus make-up goes on like a dream.

Alison xx

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4 Replies to “Glowy Skin & Summer Skin Recovery”

  1. I can’t find the Bobbi Brown skincare set for £50, where did you get it from please? Thanks

  2. Hi lovely, love anything from Charlotte Tilbury (I think I have about 80% of her brand as well as Natasha Denona) and I recently tried Murad in the duo with the retinol from QVC when it was a special price of £75.00 never tried 111 skin but I know loads of people are raving about it so I will give it a try, and please Alison if you have a competition can you not keep using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram because I’m not on any of these platforms. Thank You lovely 🌟🌟

  3. Hi Alison..thank you so much for your expert advice..my skin is soooo dry due to hypothyroidism…Alison you are such a lovely person…caring…so knowledgeable and of course 😁…you wear beautiful clothes and you have lost weight…I’m 68 now so don’t expect miracles lol…look forward to your next blog
    Thank you so much
    Maureen Burns
    Mental Health Nurse xx

  4. Thank you for all this great information & advise, always love reading and trying products that you have tried tested and love yourself x

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