TV Work

Alison has appeared on many TV shows throughout her career and has her own YouTube channel where she shares her knowledge to help her clients, followers and consumers understand their beauty concerns and subsequent results that they can achieve with a combination of products and techniques.

Alison is best known for the beauty shows she presents on QVC and is very proud of the association she has with the company that launched the sector of shopping channels in the U.K.

Her role was initially as consultant to the CEO, coming up with the concept of giving a voice and platform to top salon and retail sector cosmetic companies. This involved preparing a list of brands from her contacts in the industry and meeting with them, choosing products to supply QVC and then going onto demonstrating their excellence with on screen presentations.

“QVC continues to be very important as it gives me the opportunity to share the stories of beauty brands and de-mystify the beauty world. Alongside my other work in the industry this helps me connect with the customer and share my qualified advice to help them purchase the perfect product.”

This quickly grew into becoming the on air guest for, and offering consultancy to, many of the beauty brands. She used her now expansive knowledge to choose the product demonstration and language that would best showcase their products, through Q&A’s and behind the scenes footage from labs, to truly bring a brand to life.

This has enabled Alison to further her unrivalled beauty knowledge with access to thousands of products and hundreds of beauty brands, often being first to market in the UK; L’Occitaine, Liz Earle, Tarte, Aveda, Laura Geller and It Cosmetics being just a few examples.


Alison was also brought in by both the European and US arms of QVC for on air presentations and to share her successful strategies through the training of presenters and key staff. 24 years, and now with an audience of millions, QVC is unrivalled in it’s genre of channels and has never been more successful, continuing as the UK’s number one.

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