Alison Recommends: My top Summer sun products

My FAQs lately have been all about SPFs and solving summer skin and hair problems – did you know that SPFs fall into 2 categories? The Long Wear – previously known as once a day but since a Which report found that they didn’t necessarily last all day, they are no longer meant to be called this. However, they are more sweat and water resistant and as long as you check that the UVA rating is high they do offer a longer protection period as well as fuss-free protection. These long wear products are more expensive but the bottles will last longer as you don’t need to apply as often. Best practice is to wait 15 minutes after applying your long wear SPF and then apply your normal serums and moisturisers.

Repeat application SPFs – according to the NHS standard, these need to be applied at least every 2 hours but even the highest SPF in the world won’t allow a sensitive, young or vulnerable skin to sunbathe or spend too much time in the sun. My top tip for a great looking tan is to use the long wear SPF in the morning but carry repeat application with you, not just for topping up but also for adding essential hydration to the skin.  I’ve included a selection of my favourite summer products in case you need some recommendations for what works best below.

YOUR gorgeous SKIN by Dr Pawpaw  SPF 50 PA++++ Day Cream 
JUST LAUNCHED! This SPF day cream is super light-weight, you can use it every day as your normal moisturiser and it leaves no whiteness or ashiness, so if you don’t like the thickness of SPFs then go for this one. Also fantastic to keep with you as a top up for the hydrating benefits if you’ve used a long wear SPF in the morning. 

Tan Luxe THE FACE Self Tan Drops
If you, like me, don’t tan the face which is more anti-ageing long term, then add a few tan drops into your night time moisturiser to give your skin a glow and even out your tan on the face, neck and décolletage, the key ageing areas.

Wella Invigo Sun UV Hair Colour Protection Spray with Pro-Vitamin B5  
This is a great product I’ve been trialing to help keep your hair in great condition and prevent colour lift. You can reapply it through the day, especially if you suffer from the crispy effects of the sea and pool water. Has a gorgeous scent of orange blossom too. 

Ultrasun Sun Protection Extreme SPF50
This is fantastic for vulnerable skins, young children, extremes of temperature or anyone taking medication or suffering from illnesses. It can be used on the face and body – it has an easy and fuss-free application. 

The Hair Manta (Classic, £30)
During the summer months, with hair getting wet / clipped up / tangled, this helps to prevent breakage and damage even after swimming. I keep one permanently in the shower to smooth through conditioners (it’s really kind on the scalp so good for anyone with serious scalp issues or recovering from serious illness), and another one to use for styling and on-the-go as it really doesn’t tear the hair – if you, like me, are a regular hair brusher. I’ve also found this great since losing a lot of hair after my accident which has now grown back. 

Altruist SPF 50 face fluid 
Fantastic repeat application formula from a brand with a conscience. Developed by a consultant dermatologist, water-resistant, coral friendly and animal cruelty free. What makes Altruist extra special is that they support charities in Africa that help children with albinism who struggle with a higher risk of skin cancer. All products are reasonably priced (£5 – £10). 

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2 Replies to “Alison Recommends: My top Summer sun products”

  1. Thank you Alison but I used ultrasound 50 on my face which I used 2weeks before holiday and 3weeks on holiday but my skin still dried on forehead and round nose area

    1. I use ultrasun all year round but have been looking for a hair product
      to also protect my hair.Thanks Alison for recommending Wella, I will
      try and find it now locally.

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