Metabolic Gold – The Research Is In!

At last – a research based product to help with sugar cravings….

True beauty comes from within – and with that in mind I have been researching supplements that address a couple of health concerns – sugar cravings and sugar ageing. It’s obvious that eating too much sugar can lead to weight gain, but did you know that it can also lead to insulin resistance (or pre-diabetes) and fatty liver?  Sugar ageing is when the sugar in your blood damages the collagen in your skin and this causes the skin to slacken and wrinkle. So, how can we control those cravings for sugar as part of  our beauty routine and get healthier too?My research has led me to Kevin Leivers of The Naked Pharmacy and new product Metabolic Gold. The Naked Pharmacy is all about natural health solutions and Kevin used his 35 years experience as a registered Pharmacist to produce plant powered supplements to help with modern life.

Metabolic Gold, which I am calling the ‘Sugar Blaster’, has 3 key ingredients – Bergamot, Artichoke and Babao.Bergamot contains polyphenols that bind up bad fats in the gut, blocking the production of cholesterol and influencing the enzymes in the liver during fat processing. Kevin told me that the Bergamont used in Metabolic Gold comes from Italy where the polyphenol concentration is naturally much higher than in other regions. Artichoke extract contains a bioactive called Cynarin, which stimulates bile acid production and leads to lower cholesterol levels. It also accelerates gut movement, improves the digestion of certain fats, helps with sugar metabolism and can have protective effects on the liver.

Bergamot and Artichoke have great benefits on their own, but The Naked Pharmacy have found that they work together like an orchestra and enhance each other’s effects.

The Babao ingredient in Metabolic Gold is added as a prebiotic to help promote gut health.

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Right, here’s the good bit – recent trials of 60 patients who were both overweight and had high cholesterol, who were treated with a combination of bergamot extract and artichoke leaf extract for 2 months compared to a group that received a placebo for the same amount of time. The results showed a significant decrease in total and LDL cholesterol as well as a significant reduction in waist circumference. When combined with lifestyle efforts focusing on diet, exercise, sleep and stress, the combination of bergamot fruit and artichoke leaf extracts can provide significant health benefits.

Metabolic Gold is supposed to be taken for 8 weeks but I noticed that my cravings had reduced in the first week, and am already noticing a little weight shifting. This is a great result for me as  I am a person that can’t keep chocolate or cake in the house.

If you have any questions about Metabolic Gold give them a call. The Naked Pharmacy  are a registered Pharmacy and run a free helpline so you can  ask for advice just like you would at your local Pharmacy. 

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Alison xx

Disclaimer: If your considering weight loss do check with your GP/Dr and follow all medical advice 

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