Skin Secrets: Get Your Glow Back

I’ll be sharing a few skin secrets and products that I have been using to get my skin back on track after my broken neck and hospital stay (and I don’t do things by halves, do I?).

Get Your Glow Back

After a busy but thankfully so much more normal month (getting back out to press launches, meetings, tv, horses and dogs) this month’s blog is all about getting your glow back but first…

Back to business of beauty

It’s been great getting my freedom back with no neck collar and after physio. I’ve been able to drive, walk the dogs and get on my horses again (although tentatively – it’s going to take a while for my strength to come fully back and my confidence to return)!

Skin Secrets: Get Your Glow Back

To begin with just getting out of bed was an achievement and took a lot of effort. Now I don’t have enough hours in the day again!! So, a bit of time management is in order I feel. 

Thank you for all your continued good wishes they very much cheered me up. My bones must have heard you as I healed in double quick time apparently!! It must be all the supplements I’m taking and huge amounts of UHT milk that both the dogs and I love to drink 😂 

Get Your Glow Back with Nassif MD

A simple 10-seconds a day beauty secret for BIG results to improve the look of sun damage, open pores, blocked pores, wrinkles, crepiness and get a smoother more refined glowing look to the skin, are the Detox Pads from from NassifMD

The best bit?  The Detox Pads are on special offer in a super size at a reduced price AND with free p&p right now!  It’s great for getting your skin ready for a smoother finish to your makeup too.  You can add this into your routine after cleansing.  I have used these many times over the last few years and have used them again since coming out of hospital to get my skin back on track.

NassifMD Detox Pads

NassifMD Hydro-Screen Hydration Serum Home and Away Kit

Another fav that’s an absolute game changer on my dry skin is the Hydro-Screen Hydration Serum.  It’s a super rich hyaluronic serum that makes my skin bouncy and dewy.  It’s very economical to use, even on dry skin. I like to pop it under my moisturiser morning and night.

NassifMD Hydro-Screen Hydration Serum and Away Kit

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7 Replies to “Skin Secrets: Get Your Glow Back

  1. Hi Alison I’m so glad your on the mend 🙂 can I ask with the detox pads do I cleanse then use the pads and then tone? As I’m not sure when to use the toner with the pads? Many thanks Christine

  2. So pleased to see the detox pads on offer – I absolutely love them and think they are an unsung hero of the Nassif range. I also use them in the backs of hands … back of arms when summer comes … lower leg to get rid of dry skin. Fantastic product!

  3. Hi Alison I use the Nassif MD detox pads every day as well as the serum and I couldn’t be without them as they are a game changer just wish they had been on easy pay as this is a tough month with Christmas
    just to stock up with on a few. Anyhoo pleased to see you again and keep well, have a fab Christmas. PS just bought the Foreo UFO with 37 farm face masks when it was a TSV a few weeks back WOW what a difference I saw in my skin and I really look after it probably my biggest expenditure, no way is that going back, its definitely a keeper. Thank You 🌟

  4. Hi Alison so pleased your on the mend it’s lovely seeing you back on tv love listening to your advice wouldn’t trust anyone else I’ve been a skincare junkie all my life and in 3 weeks I’m 60 and my friends at work always comment on my skin and now having you I learn everyday something new from you thank you thank you thank you! Your the best❤️💖💜🥰💯

  5. Hi Alison
    Glad you are getting better so quickly. I’ve seen you on QVC and you are doing marvellous and look great, I’m really pleased for you. As you and your dogs love milk, my 2 German Shepherd’s love their milk to, but in their tea. As I said last time my dog has a dog wheelchair so she can go for walks and it has boosted her so much. I know I always mention her, but she is a real darling and has such determination just like you. Have to say I’m a real skincare beauty addict and you have my dream job Alison if you ever need an assistant I’d love to work for you.
    Wishing you health and happiness

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