A broken neck and self help

I’m recovering from a broken neck so we all know the last month has been a drama for me!  Sending a massive ‘Thank You’ for the thousands of messages across social media

A broken neck

I’m recovering from a broken neck (one of my better accidents) but I’m on the up now and I’m certainly appreciating every little bit of beauty/self-care that I can do as a win/healing.  It is however, also about feeling good, looking forward and keeping positive. 

For a while I was lying on a bodyboard in hospital for 3 days, the Paralympics was my goal but luckily, like one of my sporting heroes Nick Skelton who broke his neck and then won 2 show jumping Olympic golds in his 50’s, I will make a full recovery. I am back at my desk on my consultancy and industry work and have started a phased return to TV and face-to-face, so do follow me on social to keep up to date.

Beauty and a broken neck

HM Queen Elizabeth ll

Autumn/Winter has certainly started off very strangely. If you like me respected and adored the pillar of strength and continuity of HM Queen Elizabeth ll then the days of mourning certainly helped us come to terms with our loss. The corgis and Emma (her last riding horse, a gorgeous fell pony) were present at her funeral 😭 

The Corgis and Emma, Her Majesty’s last riding horse, a gorgeous fell pony

Self Help Tips

Check out my latest self-help haircare video HERE on hair types. Not all haircare brands suit ‘everyone’.  Products and techniques don’t suit ‘everyone’ and I’m certainly working behind the scenes, on TV and social to ensure that we all understand our own hair texture and each other’s as well as asking for brands to represent and understand everyone’s hair.

Saving money on your beauty and grooming regimes 

Do sign up to my newsletter HERE. I am planning some more lives concentrating on multi-tasking, saving money, and shopping your own cabinet.  You’ll receive a lot of insider information as well as some great deals and offers over on my newsletter. And, if you’re thinking about Christmas, I cover so many great money saving tips as well as hacks and educational information in my book which would make a great gift for the beauty lovers in your life.


The Beauty Insider

Stay well and stay positive but allow yourself some wobbles and reach out to friends, family, and your GP if that wobble lasts a little longer in these tough times.

Look after yourselves and each other.



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23 Replies to “A broken neck and self help”

  1. Oh my goodness – I was so shocked to hear that you’ve broken your neck! I’m a huge fan of you, full of admiration and always love to watch you on QVC – I wondered why you hadn’t been on there for a while. Somehow I must have missed any news on your awful accident! I’m so pleased you are doing well and that you will make good recovery. I look forward to seeing you on QVC soon.
    Sending huge healing hugs to you. xxxx

  2. Aw, Alison, I hope you’re feeling a bit better, what a thing to do. Did you fall off one of your horses , or were you thrown? I can remember it well, as the earth meets your body at lightening speed. Thud, not good. Take care xx

  3. Oh Alison: so sorry to discover the reason for your absence. You have been missed. Please get well soon, take care. XX

  4. So sorry to hear of your broken neck, but so glad that it’s not any permanent damage. Hope you are recovering well, though it must be really uncomfortable and difficult. Yes, advice on how to keep up one’s beauty standards that you’ve trained us so well, whilst not spending too much, so that partners and family don’t think it’s an unnecessary expense(!), would be very welcome! I have joked to friends that I would rather cut down on my grocery than compromise on my beauty products…

  5. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery. For what you have been through, you truly are a Woman of Inspiration. Respect. Hope it’s not too long before you are able to enjoy a cocktail (or five). Look forward to seeing your beautiful self back on QVC. Sending a huge healing bubble full of love and light. xxx

  6. Aah Alison I’m so glad you’re on the up now and I hope you feel 💯 per cent soon. I miss watching you on the Q. 😊🌟

  7. So sorry to hear your news Alison! So relieved to hear you will make a full recovery. Wishing you all the best, Dawn xx

  8. Hi Alison
    I’m so glad to hear you are on the mend, what a terrible accident. Your recovery just shows you determination and strength.
    We have 2 German Shepherd’s and one of them has bad arthritis hip problems, we’ve not been able to take her for walks properly, we bought her some wheels (a dog wheelchair) she used it for the first time yesterday, made us all cry, as she did so well and managed to walk the length of our road, such an achievement and she used her legs, she was so proud and excited and we were proud and excited too. She is determined and keeps going and I’m glad she does, but it is like you she does not give up and neither have you. We love her so much and are glad she is strong and determined.
    Just wanted to wish you well and share my story with you. Hope you do not mind.

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