Top to Toe skincare with Liz Earle and Farm updates

It’s been a busy few months since I posted my last blog! Between my book launch, beauty judging and consulting along with some exciting new brands, projects, live TV appearances and exciting offers like the upcoming one from Liz Earle – time has just flown by! 

While I am thrilled that some of my consultancy projects are finally able to happen to face to face, between my busy work schedule and businesses using my consulting services, I needed another horse for having some downtime (dog walking and riding for me, are what make me tick and keep me relaxed).  So, here’s welcoming Blue to our family – an Irish Draught sports horse who has fitted in very well so far…

Liz Earle
Welcoming Blue to the family

With so many of us now able to see family and friends and starting to go back to work in this new normal way of living, one thing I’m sure you, like myself, have not welcomed back is the traffic! It seems to be worse than ever so my top tip is to use that time effectively.  I do work calls, use it as thinking time or try a different radio station or even an audio book to make the several hours feel like a joy rather than a chore.

Thank you for all your great reviews and messages on my book, do keep them coming!

Liz Earle
The Beauty Insider
The Beauty Insider

Liz Earle

Now is the time at a season change to re-evaluate your beauty routine and prioritise your next three months of products and makeup.  If you haven’t already done so you can buy this fantastic skincare collection from Liz Earle here.  It’s great as a feel-good gift for a friend too.

Liz Earle
Liz Earle – The Complete Face & Body Fragrance Collection

Liz Earle

This collection is perfect for a top to toe makeover, including a sensorial bathing experience! It not only includes the three core essentials – Cleanse and Polish, Instant Boost Skin Tonic and your choice of Skin Repair Moisturiser but also has three fragranced body products in the Bourbon Vanilla and Clove Bud Body Wash and Body Cream.  Both inspired by botanical essence No.15 EDP with a lovely bag.

It’s certainly a treat to lock yourself in the bathroom with an inspiring drink!  I like to choose ones to go with the fragrances, so I made a long rum cocktail with vanilla, clove, strawberries, mint, and lavender from the garden.  The No.15 has has a different, almost comforting cashmere aroma when combined with the Bourbon Vanilla and Clove. It really does have different aroma on individuals and a softness when combined with the Bourbon Vanilla and Clove Bud Body treatment.  Do join my live over on the Liz Earle Instagram page tonight at 6pm with Sarah to celebrate this great brand. 

Farm Life and Updates

A few other things that have happened since I last posted a blog.  I celebrated my lavender season this year with triumphant lavender biscuits – shortbread recipes with fresh moist flowers rolled in!

Liz Earle
Lavender Biscuits

I have also started a newsletter and recently ran a competition to win a beauty consultation with me as well as a beauty hamper.  I’ll be bringing loads of beauty discount codes and news so if you haven’t already then do sign up here.


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  1. I know you don’t specify that someone would be doing the driving while making calls but it’s best not to encourage that.

  2. Your book was certainly worth waiting for. I have read it through several times and regularly dip into it at night. I feel more confident in my beauty routine, my skin is looking and feeling better but mostly I like the way your kindness and genuine concern and respect for others shines through. I recently celebrated my 71st birthday and still love following your beauty advice. Whishing you all the best

  3. Hi Alison
    Could you please add your lavender biscuit shortbread recipe, as my mum loves baking and they look delicious
    Thanks Toni

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