Back in the Saddle

With a strange year as we all know the horses were put on hold. Ellie May and Fina were semi-retired and due to their health are staying that way as they are happy and have coped well, enjoying a less stressful life than the non-existent competition circuit! Athena and I are back on track and after several setbacks and illnesses with myself, I am finally allowed to ride again so loving been back in the saddle! 

Back in the saddle
Great to be back in the saddle


If, like me, you suffer from sun damage, ageing and sensitivity you will love this new launch from Korres.  To buy this collection just click here.

Korres Special Offer
Back in the Saddle
Korres Special Offer

Suitable for all skin types and ages! This fantastic collection from Korres also contains a NEW launch – their new Vitamin C Dark Spot Remover in the anti-crepe formula. It’s light enough for AM and PM on oily/guys skin but also sinks in if you would like to use it as a serum to layer.  Incidentally, it gives a quick anti-fatigue result too! 

It also contains the multi-tasking top rated 3 in 1 nourishing hair, face and body oil which I think you can say it’s versatile as it can be used for so many things including but not limited to:

  • scalp oil dryness or weak areas of hair
  • pre-shampoo scalp massage oil for dry patches or oily clumps (use 10 mins before shampoo)
  • facial shower n bathing oil to protect from steam 
  • facial serum
  • pre-shave oil
  • aftershave oil
  • cuticle oil
  • hand treatment (layer with hand/body cream for my hand wrap)
  • body crepe areas – knees, forearms décolleté 
  • all over body booster under your body cream or mixed in 

Lastly, the new launch crush lip balm/oil which is super moisturising, comforting and glossy!

Korres Special Offer

If you combined this with the Ultrasun anti-pigmentation supersize of month SPF50 you will get fab 24/7 results. 

Ultrasun anti-pigmentation supersize of month SPF50


Thank you so much for all your pre-orders! You took my book to number 1 in the new release list in under 24 hours!!! Here’s a sneak preview of some of the content and if you haven’t already you can pre-order here. (as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases).

The Beauty Insider

Interestingly I have been testing some recent hyaluronic and No7 HydraLuminous Water Concentrate is one I wanted to recommend.  It’s a great price at £16 (plus your boots points)!  Use AM and PM but if you’re feeling dehydrated you can apply several times.  If you are getting out and about safely and your days are too long and nights are too short, remember your skin dehydrating/drying out is ageing so keep it pumped with hydration to stay younger looking and apply when you get home. See my FREE tutorial on dehydration here.

No7 HydraLuminous Water Concentrate

Another classic is the Origins Facial Scrub. With increased sun damage comes a thickened coarser texture skin, this blocks your ingredients penetrating so a thorough exfoliation is required. I find this one is a lovely thick paste, effective paste plus it’s economical to use too!

Origins Facial Scrub


Thank you for all your thoughts and good wishes regarding having to make the very sad, but necessary, decision which every animal owner must make. Saying goodbye to Ferguson, our 11-year-old Doberman, was hard but thankfully Zelda and Ringo, (although sad and miss him) cope well because they have each other.

Back in the saddle
Zelda and Ringo


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Stay safe everyone and enjoy your salon treatments if you managed to get any booked in!



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  1. Aah just ordered your book and I am looking forward to having a read and trying out any new tips. Thanks. 🥰🥰

  2. I’ve ordered your book and can’t wait to receive and start reading all your advice and tips 😊 thank you

  3. I love the No 7 hydra luminious water concentrate and yours is the first mention of it. Works well on mature dehydrated skin. Would love the Korres set but don’t think it’s available on US QVC. Thanks for all the fantastic info.

  4. Not buying anything until I have had read your book…come release date. I remember the very early years at QVC when you said less is more and been following you ever since x

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