Speed Dial Beauty, Korres and a special Blog Competition

Today on the blog it’s all about the Daily Mail Inspire Beauty Awards, a fantastic offer from Korres, ‘Speed Dial Beauty’ and a very special Beauty Hamper Competition that will only be running here on my blog.

Strange times catching up with you in these changing times of restrictions. I appreciate as a business owner and an industry consultant that so many of you will be in perhaps very diverse situations, from WFH (with its stresses and distractions), to being furloughed, or losing your job. The worry of family and friends to others still in key work where no number of hours in the day are enough, as outside of your work everything takes longer. 


Daily Mail
Daily Mail Inspire Beauty Awards 2020 Judges

It was lovely to be part of The Daily Mail judging team for the 2020 Inspire Beauty Awards with my fellow industry judges who I have worked with now across so many years! Millie Kendall, Ruby Hammer and I go back nearly 30 years to the days of launching Aveda when I ran the training operation! As well as launching so many new brands together.


On a sad note, I was very upset to hear of the closure of Grayshott Hall.  I used to run the 60 strong therapy team coordinating with Dr’s and Nurses offering a 24/7 rehab after surgeries as diverse as amputees, gender realignment, breast cancer to supermodels and A-listers hiding out while their cosmetic procedures and surgery calmed down avoiding the paparazzi, as well as very normal clients that had just saved up for a great break. Sprinkle in Royalty, flying in and out with helicopters and bodyguards it certainly was the most enjoyable years of my hands-on treatments!

Do support your salons, spas, mobile hair and beauty services if you are able to.  They are qualified in hygiene procedures and preventing contamination – obviously that has been stepped up even more with new protocols too.


Never has there been such a situation in our lifetimes when self-care, talking and connecting is so essential. I hope you’ve enjoyed ‘Speed Dial a Beauty Pick Me Up’ over on my Instagram and Facebook  pages. Here is my latest video:

Feel Good Beauty


  • Be in the moment – Smell feel and enjoy each application
  • Give yourself or family members a treatment
  • Set up Beauty zones in the house
  • Have a Beauty zoom party or connect on the phone while painting your nails together and chat
  • Sit in a different chair or room to do your treatments
  • Change your habits.  Have different background noise (or none at all)
  • Listen to relaxation or mindfulness podcast while doing your treatments
  • Use your treatments time as a reset button to analyse your skin, hair, makeup, grooming, body and hair routine and try some new techniques or discover products at the back of your cupboard that need using!

Do this with others or chat with a loved one and get them started or keep them motivated and connected.


This amazing Korres offer is available to buy now here.  An ideal way of replenishing essentials while upgrading your formula or brand for both your own home and loved ones.  This Christmas it’s about gifts that are useful in this stay-at-home situation with dry skin and hands.

Korres Pure Greek Olive Oil Supersize Hydrating Gift Collection

The set contains Korres Pure Greek Olive Anti-Wrinkle & Hydration Jumbo Body Cream (400ml) and a Shower Gel (1litre) in a gift presentation.  It’s so lovely to send direct if you’re unable to get around as normal this Christmas and you can even use these at the kitchen sink if you are a large family, for suppleness and comfort, making that hand washing experience so much more than functional.

This special offer will be available in a choice of 5 scents:  New launch Olive & Peach Blossom, Olive & Blossom, Olive & Sea Salt, Olive & Honeysuckle, Olive & Golden Apple.  See the first live TV launch 9pm Thursday and all-day Friday on QVCUK. 


In this blog competition you could stand a chance to win this fantastic array of beauty products. All you need to do is sign up and subscribe to my blog. Click here and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and enter your email address. Comment below with a beauty, grooming or makeup question.  Competition closes on Tuesday 01st December. T&C’s apply – you can read them here.



I will be doing a few lives on my social channels on Tuesday night starting at 6:30pm. For all your beauty and grooming questions on any brand or technique Head over to Facebook. I’ll be in the new winter set if you want a ‘through the beauty keyhole’ moment. 

At 8pm, over on Instagram, I will be chatting live with Liz Folce about new Korres products and the brand heritage.  Do head over to Instagram and look for my post where I’m asking for questions to ask Liz and pop your questions in the comments section.

Hope to see you on Tuesday night 


This blog post contains some affiliate marketing links, which means I may get paid commission on sales of those products should you purchase through my link. My content is not influenced by advertisers, affiliate partnerships or brands. As a qualified beauty expert, I have worked in the beauty industry for over 30 years. To find out more about me and see my full T&C’s here: https://alisonyoungbeauty.com/website-terms-and-conditions/

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  1. Hi Ali, thank you as always for your great advice, its nice to have your trusted opinion, especially when your such an amateur like me lol. This is kind of a grooming, beauty or makeup question but please can you advise, in your opinion, which would be the best diffuser and essential oils to get. Thank you again and have a great day. Shez

  2. What is the strongest AHA of glycolic I can buy for the body? I suffer from seborrhoeic keratosis and in the US they treat the condition with Glycolic type products but here in the UK the situation is different. Is there anything I can buy that would help?

    1. Have you tried Ameliorate, transforming body lotion. It’s alpha hydroxy therapy, using lactic acid and lots of other ingredients. It’s specifically for keratosis. Hope it helps, Jo

  3. Hi Alison what would you advise putting on my lips, now we’re all wearing masks, as I cannot wear lipstick any more.

  4. I suffer from the driest lips that even Lip Lift doesn’t seem to permanently help with…. Any other suggestions for a solution. Also help or hair loss too!😣 . Thanks. x x

  5. Hi Alison, always enjoy reading your blog and watching your q&as. My question: in the current time when a lot of people have a stretched budget, can you recommend a really good, core routine but with no extra add ons?

  6. Hi Alison, I love watching you on QVC! Thank you for this amazing competition. If you were to describe in only 1 word each of the “flavours” of the latest Korres TSV, which word would you use for each?

  7. Hi Alison. I get a very itchy chin area now wearing a mask at work. Just wondered what you would recommend using, I don’t have spots.

  8. Hi Alison
    FIRSTLY let me say a very heartfelt thank you for the many years of advice you have given all of us about everything beauty related. I have followed you since the very beginning and still find great inspiration from watching your shows, reading your blog and having met you at a previous QVC Beauty Bash (gosh they were brilliant). So my comment today is to ask about using Vitamin C products on my face. I can easily tolerate Retinol based products but have yet to find a Vitamin C product that does not irritate my skin. To be honest I think I may need to use one as I have sun damage from growing up in Africa before sun exposure risks were highlighted. Thanks for your most welcome advice (and of course it would be a dream to be spoilt by winning the prize). Have a great day.

  9. Hi Alison, please can you help with my thinning hair? I have an underactive thyroid and my hair is baby fine, so I cannot afford to lose it. I’d like to know how I can make it look thicker with dry shampoo and hairspray which I think I heard you mention once, but I’d like to know how it can be done?

  10. Love watching you though I do have probs getting round facebook, I my son always says “why Mums should not go on facebook” but you have a book coming out in the USA I think it is an E book, ? will it be available in the UK I am guessing yes, WIll it be in hard back I do hope so,

  11. I’ve started to use a retinol product on the face overnight, but I’ve also noticed that there are some anti ageing (containing retinol) vitamins and drinks – would it be too much to use with the overnight face treatment. How much should we be really using per day?

  12. Hi Ali. – what to use on really dry flaky skin on legs. – have tried lots of products but still legs look scaly!,

  13. I have placed an order, getting old and now getting old skin, hope this helps with the look of old age, got to get old some but at 64 not ready yet haha

  14. Hi Alison, do you have any advice for broken capillaries, I have one on my chin which really bothers me, thank you in advance xx

  15. What eye makeup remover would you recommend, I don’t use waterproof mascara but I still sometimes wake up with panda eyes ?

  16. Hi Alison, can I have some top tips for puffy eyes? I have tried some eye products but I seem to be prone to milia on my lids and lash edge. Anything suggestions to combat the central heating dehydrating my eyes and skin would be appreciated!

  17. Enjoy listening to you and when you give insider tips! How do I soften eye wrinkles that have come about with Civic anxiety? Thanks 🙏

  18. Hi Alison, probably a simple question but should I be cleansing before shaving? I tend to shave and then do all my cleansing and toning etc

  19. Hi Alison, having used Alpha H for about ten years, Sarah chapman, elemis, niod, gatineau over the years on n off etc my skin on my neck and face is pretty good at almost 50, i look alot younger. however my chest looks like it belongs to someone else as I have pigmentation. In winter it isn’t as bad, they still there but not as brown. However in summer or with fake tan, I think it looks like hedgehog bread lol. I’ve tried so much, I can stand any strength Retinol or AHA s etc but still won’t go…. Any suggestions as I’d like my chest to match my face lol its literally a different colour and texture and it looks like I’ve lightened my face on pics as its so much brighter 😁 thanks in anticipation x

  20. Hi Alison, always good to hear your advice and recommendations. Thanks to QVC easy pay have been able to experience better quality products. Can I do anything about dark pigmentation on my chin, I tend to tweeze any stray hairs I find there which doesn’t help! I use Elemis, Liz Earle and Decleor (not as much). Apart from that think my skin looks good for a 58 year young!

  21. Hi Alison, Have always enjoyed watching you on QVC and love your knowledge, experience and humour. Would you recommend using different brands in daily routine. I am such a beauty lover and I tend to use different brands in my routine and sometimes not sure if I’m doing the right thing by chopping and changing. Thank you x

  22. Hi Alison, I’ve signed up – thank you! I’d love to ask about what you’d recommend for oily and illness damaged hair? It’s so hard to find products that can repair and protect, whilst also not making hair look oily. Thanks so much! x

  23. Best products for irritated eyelids, and skin around the eyes… I get flare ups of eczema every so often so need something to help soothe them and keep the skin moisturised – thanks! Xx

  24. Hi Alison, I’ve been hearing a lot about the benefits of facial mists, what is the difference between these and toners?

  25. Hi Alison. Your advice over the years has helped me start and maintain an excellent skin care regime. Thank you so much, at 68 people regularly put me 10 years younger because my skin looks so good. Currently I’m using Dermatica retinol and find the skin on my chin area becomes very flaky. Elemis SOS and the Korres serum are helping but I’d welcome your thoughts please.
    Thank you

  26. Hi Alison. Can you recommend a good eyebrow pencil/product please. After suffering hair loss following prolonged ongoing illness I just can’t seem to find one that looks genuinely authentic! Many thanks! Keep safe, Ruth

  27. Hi Alison, thank you for sharing your knowledge, advice and passion for the beauty industry. I am interested in adding more active ingredients into my day/night routine, such as vitamin c, retinal and collagen but I am unsure how to layer in order to get the best results. What would you advise.

  28. Hi Alison,could you please give me some advice as to how I can successfully restore my eyebrows. They’ve become very wispy (I think due to medication). Would like a very natural look, thank you. Bethan

  29. Hi Alison, can you please recommend a moisturiser that won’t aggravate my rosacea, which becomes worse in this cold weather? And please enter me into your fantastic beauty hamper competition!

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