Self-love, M.Asam Beauty and my new puppy Ringo

Today on the blog I’m talking self-love, sharing an amazing deal from M.Asam Beauty you get to meet my new puppy Ringo!


It’s tough times out there but I’m thankful that businesses are still able to operate. I hope you’re enjoying being back in your hair & beauty salons and spas. Even if you have gone back to your regular appointments, your homecare routines have never been more important.  Change up your DIY at-home routine with a zoom / facetime call with your family and friends.  Do facials together or put on full makeup and use your friend as a virtual mirror. Take inspiration from many of the brands now that do virtual makeup lessons.

Country Life

The grass is green and to get ready to switch to winter pastures I am about to soil test for ph. for weeds! Incidentally ph. of the skin is the same. If it goes to acid, you get spots to acne.  If it goes to alkaline, you get sensitive rashes.  This is why most products stick to a neutral ph.

Country Life

Stronger products like acids can both improve or put you out of balance if your skin can’t take them.  If you find that happening just lessen your usage to alternate days. 

Interestingly this is the time of year for the globally accepted strongest anti-ageing and skin correctors retinol used in beauty at up to 1% max and in the medical world in higher percentages.

M.Asam Beauty Love

M.Asam Beauty is a globally recognised and awarded lab that have a 1% retinol ampoules collection. You can buy the collection, worth £103 here! I’ve been speaking directly with the lab via zoom calls, normally I would have had a fascinating visit to Europe but just like yourselves, my staff and I are restricting work journeys to essential trips only.

M.Asam Retinol Intense

I wanted to find out why I could tolerate the M.Asam ampoules on my sensitive skin at this highest percentage for beauty. Normally other lower concentrations can bring me out in spots after 1-3 days!!!! The reason is because it’s the originally developed for medical products encapsulation process called VitAlease™

I will be inviting Maron from the labs onto my launch show at QVC Wednesday night 9pm and midnight. They will also have live shows on Thursday, but I won’t be in. If you’ve ever wanted to try retinol then do give it a go. The feedback just keeps getting better and better once you have tried it.  For more retinol information, check out my tutorials over on my website here.

Meet Ringo

A new puppy arrived this month – Ringo a Jack Russell Terrier, to match the Doberman’s! We normally go alternate rescue and puppy so that there is always a well-trained dog to teach the rescue. Ferguson is 11!  Doberman’s normally last to 8 only.

Meet Ringo

He was a rehoming and with Zelda, having lifelong hip problems that we are managing, I knew she would accept a puppy (male) as she is an alpha female!! Pack leader!! All have settled in beautifully although of course a lot of work to make sure they all feel special!

Meet Ringo

Korres Miracle Milk

As it’s coming to the end of the month, I wanted to share some great results I’ve had testing the Korres Multi Vitamin Miracle Milk.  My eczema and psoriasis on my hands has flared up with all this hand washing and sanitising and I just love using the Miracle Milk.  It doesn’t sting my hands because of the aloe vera milk base which means I can just slather it on.

I would particularly recommend for sensitive skin on hand and face but it’s also great for sensitive skin caused by masks too.  Available in a 200ml size for face and body you can buy it now here.  I have one at home and one in my work bag so that I can use it after sanitising wherever I am.  Quick to go on and not greasy at all!

Korres Multi-Vitamin Miracle Milk Serum

Motivational Beauty

I’m going to start a mini-series on my social about motivational beauty to keep you inspired during the winter months. Comment below and let me know what treatments you have you been enjoying this year at home? 

Dates for the Diary

I will be doing a live beauty chat and Q&A on this Monday night 26th October 7pm Facebook  and 8pm Instagram if you want to join in and send me any questions -leave questions here in the comments and I hope you can join me with your friends.


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