Beauty routines with Korres and farm and industry updates

It’s been a while since my last blog but I’m sure, as so many of you are finding in these strange times, everything takes so much longer to do!  It’s certainly a summer none of us expected!

Farm news 

I had to put the highly-strung competition horses on holiday at the beginning of COVID-19 to protect the NHS. They are not easily pleased without competitions, lessons, gallops, hacking and frequent trips out in the lorry, which obviously wasn’t allowed to begin with, so it was safer not to fall off fresh and frustrated horses! 

The horses enjoying a sunny day grazing

To top it off I did my knees in tidying out the loft! I still haven’t returned to dog walking or riding but the horses have enjoyed their first summer off ever and the dogs have loved having me home. Note to self – housework is more dangerous than riding! 

The dogs enjoying a bit of sunshine

Industry and Consultancy Updates

As an industry advisor for the beauty market, news and updates across all industries has been very unclear for both professionals and customers alike. For up to date info do follow BABTAC, CEW and British Beauty Council. They can help professionals but also have non-member zones on their web and across social media and do give up to date info.  If you’re a beauty customer, it can help you understand which services are allowed to open during the pandemic. As we saw last week the ability to offer appointments can change at any time based upon the government news bulletins and instructions.

My brand consultancy continues as normal. With FaceTime and all the tech we now have, meetings have been effective. However, for creativity and brand developments I am looking forward to getting back to some safe round the table brainstorms with my clients and brand owners. Going forward we can definitely look at the number of miles and travel we are doing for both health and safety but importantly reducing carbon omissions and a greener way of working.

Korres TSV

I have been enjoying broadcasting from home and doing weekly Q&A’s on my Facebook and Instagram  to answer your at-home beauty dilemmas.  I have kept them up on my feed so do take a look if you’re interested.

Beauty Routine with Korres

During this stressful time that we are all facing, it’s the perfect opportunity to reflect on and analyse your beauty and grooming routines.  Do use my free beauty tutorials on skin types but more importantly on skin conditions.  The FAQ’s on my website are great for the things that go wrong with your skin, often at times of stress and illness and for self-help.

I’ve been talking to a lot of you and journalists about getting back to some key ingredients.  Understanding how ingredients work and being able to use just a few products which give multiple benefits, that you would purchase again, is worth its weight in gold.  So, I’m thrilled that Korres have an offer on now at half the regular price!  It’s the most superior and sophisticated olive products I’ve ever tested. The fact that they not only use Olive leaf, but flower and fruit extracts and the most expensive and limited harvest Koroneiki Olive stem, cell complex with added Vit C boosters, has shown me how sophisticated this heritage ingredient can be! 

Korres TSV
Korres TSV

Korres has a pharmaceutical and homeopathic base in the history of the family founders. It’s not surprising that this kit has not just exceeded my testing but also the independent and consumer tests. They were stopped early because of unheard of quick results!  Do give Liz, who works so closely with the founders developing these products, a follow for all your Korres questions and needs. The 3-piece collection is available to buy now here.

Tune in to the live shows on QVC with Liz Folce. Launching at 9pm on Tuesday 04th August and all-day Wednesday 05th (9am, 1pm, 4pm and 8pm). 

Dates for your diary and LIVE with Liz from Korres

I am very excited about returning to the QVC studio this week for shows on Wednesday 05th August. I’ll be on air with Liz from Korres as well as my regular 8pm Beauty Insider show. I will also be doing a live Q&A over on Instagram with Liz on Tuesday 04th at 6pm. I hope you will join us as we chat about new launches, ingredients and answer any questions you may have.  Follow me on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to update with all thing’s beauty.

Stay well and safe and vigilant of hygiene procedures everyone.  We can only beat this pandemic together.



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  1. Sorry to hear about your knees mine also totally seized up can u recommend anything fir my 19 year old granddaughter who has bad excema thank you take care regards Jackie

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