A week of hospital visits and topical beauty FAQ’s

Firstly, I hope you are all ok and staying safe – perhaps enjoying the slightly relaxed rules to be able to see a few family and friends is certainly lovely if you’re able too.


I had 6 emergency GP, hospital, Dr’s and scan visits last week – across 4 counties! A swollen knee for no reason had me injecting with blood thinners and GP & surgeon emergency appointments were not helped by a bank holiday! All the medical teams were of course fantastic but things are happening a lot slower and with no admissions in hospitals, as a result of COVID-19, so I know so many of the secondary medical staff and consultants have been frustrated that they can’t crack on with operations to relieve patients pain. I feel for you and your relatives if your medical situations are on hold.

Hospital visits and beauty FAQ's
Hospital visits and swollen legs

The good news is the worst is over and I now need to work out how to do intensive physio safely / remotely.  I certainly got through a lot of masks, hand sanitiser and gloves.  It was nerve racking having to wait 7-14 days to see if I’ve picked anything up, after so much exposure, and certainly sent me into a hand washing and cleaning frenzy!

I found it helpful to have a small Kipling bag over my shoulder, packed full of spare gloves, masks and hand sanitizers (as they need to be changed regularly before you touch your face or car keys etc,).  I also did a full strip off at the door before having a shower and washing my clothes.  It certainly brought home what daily life must be like for our fabulous NHS workers!


My FAQ’s have been very topical about the problems with NHS and key workers skin under PPS & PPE.  It’s the next skin problem I have been speaking to industry and press about because all of us will be wearing masks in certain situations going forward. You can take a listen to my FAQ video here.

Beauty FAQ’s when wearing a mask


My key recommendations are the same for both for professional protective skin problems or us all wearing daily masks in some situations. I certainly felt sweat building up quickly under the mask so probiotic / anti-septic sprays and products are key to balance these sweaty areas.  These have worked for me and the NHS workers I have recommended too:

Korres Greek Yoghurt Face Mask – A personal favourite on my eczema and psoriasis prone skin.  I use it straight after removing my mask in my car as a fast track soother.  Then when home after washing hands and showering, I am applying this soothing rebalancing mask

Elemis Kefir Mist – Easy to spray on skin during day, when safe to do so, to help keep skin in balance

Elemis Kefir Mist

Tea Tree Spray – Great if you are prone to spots because of the sweat and heat build up 

Tea Tree Wash – For the more comb/oily sweaty problems but also great on the whole body if you have sweat rash under protective clothing 

Always remember to patch test!


My next LIVE broadcast on my Facebook  page will take place on Wednesday at 9:10pm.  You can also join me over on Instagram on Thursday at 6:15pm for any of your beauty questions.

Beauty FAQ’s LIVE

I’ll also be LIVE on QVC Wednesday 8pm and then again on Friday at 10am and 7pm.


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  1. Hope you get well soon Alison. Not nice to have anything extra to deal with in these strange times! Thank you for your tips and advice for face issues after wearing masks. Stay safe. Hazel, Cheshire.

  2. Thank you for all your beauty advice more so at this time on how to help our skin with all what going on around us. Hope your now keeping well and looking forward to seeing on QVC soon, take care Theresa.

  3. Wishing well Alison
    You are a fountain of beauty knowledge and very inspiring 🍒🍓🍒🍓🍒🍓

  4. Hi Ali. Sorry to hear you’ve been back and forth the hospital. It must be a struggle for you looking after the horses and dogs. Wishing you a speedy recovery xx

  5. Hi Alison. Sorry to hear you were unwell. I hope you will be back to yourself soon. With everything going on this is the last thing you need. Thanks for all your expert advice which has been invaluable to me for over 10 years now. And the advice for skincare with the masks is amazing. Sending you best wishes from Dublin Ireland. Stay safe.

  6. Hope you feel better soon alison cant wait to see you back on qvc watch you all the time for advice and tips take care stay safe georgina worcestershire

  7. Hi, you recommend these ABC tea tree spray, what’s in it, or is it just tea tree oil?
    Thanks for all the great advice you give, I very much appreciate your clear and honest advice.
    Stay safe and get well soon,
    Ann xx

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