Mindfulness and a new LIVE at 5 series!

How are you all? Are you settling into a routine or is the lockdown driving you mad?

Mindfulness and Selfcare

It does seem to be that either, like me, you have too much to do and not enough time or the complete opposite and the days (and especially nights) are very long for you.  Whether you’re struggling or perhaps not, we all need to take care of ourselves and each other and I’ve found myself going back and recommending this book again to so many.

Mindfulness – A practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world 

This is easy to read in short bites and is approved and recommended by professionals.  The guys that wrote this founded and scientifically proved cognitive therapy!  Incidentally they also founded the world renowned Oxford Mindfulness Centre, who have a series of free podcasts specifically for these times that you can download for free. I listen to one every night it helps to stop me worrying and helps me get a good night’s sleep 

LIVE at 5 Series

Thank you if you have been enjoying my Facebook and Instagram LIVE shows from home. If you don’t already, do follow my Facebook and Instagram pages for more LIVE dates, shows and behind the scenes from the beauty industry.

Live at 5 Series
Live at 5 series – From my home to yours!

I’ll be doing something different this week with a ‘LIVE AT 5’ series on the @qvcuk Facebook page every Thursday.  It will be an hour packed with all thing beauty and I will be featuring loads of sneak peaks, launching new products and events.  It’s a great platform for you to get your questions answered, so do join in if you can.

You can also join me around 6:30pm tonight for a live Q&A over on Instagram and then at 9:05pm on Facebook after my Beauty Insider show.

Beauty Picks

My beauty pick from my ‘LIVE AT 5’ show taking place tomorrow, has to be the Perricone Fresh Eye Collection with the No Makeup Mascara and clever No Makeup Eyeshadow. With a saving of over £40 this is just one of the early shops you can make.

Perricone Mindfulness
Perricone Fresh Eye Collection

Beauty FAQ’s & Products

My most popular FAQ’s at the moment seem to be about retinol. So, I wanted to share one of my recent free tutorials exploring retinol. I hope this will help you understand how best to incorporate retinol into your routine.

Exploring Retinol

If you’re needing a haircut or having to cut your fringe like I have had to do twice now, my new purchase from Babyliss is quick and easy to use on dry hair.  Think bounce and thickness – that a heated roller gives – but no vicious heat or Velcro! I also thought it was great price.  I use the pins to keep curlers in position on the scalp but if you want to do longer hair (or just the ends) it comes with butterfly clips too.

Babyliss Ceramic Hair Rollers

New Beauty Storage

Those of you that have been spotting the animals in my LIVE shows, have also spotted my new beauty trolley. I bought one for my TV studio but I’m going to order another one for my personal use.  It will be easy to wheel around different rooms in the house or into the bathroom when you are doing your beauty treatments.

Beauty Trolley – 3 Tier Storage Solution

The dogs are now demanding their Weetabix before bed and the horses are kicking the stable door, so I’ll say bye for now. Stay safe and well 


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  1. You are such a lovely lady. Giving help and advice to all of us not in the know. Always enjoy your talks. Keep safe you and your family and all your lovely animals. God bless Alison x.

  2. What shaving products would you recommend for a 14year old with sensitive skin. He has tried Elemis cool shave but wasn’t too keen on it .
    Thanks Alison .

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