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What strange and upsetting times we are all having.  I would like to wish you all good health and send good wishes to you all.  Like all of you, I have been busy settling friends and relatives into isolation and making sure they are as comfortable, and constantly supported, as possible. 

Beauty is about feeling good about yourself and keeping up with grooming and home treatment rituals are all part of self-care as well as filling up some time. With closed salons, keeping up on your home care routines and improving your techniques are great to help keep your spirits up. So, today I would like to share some free beauty advice and a DIY hand treatment.

DIY Hand Treatment

With all this hand washing and hand sanitisers, if you or any of your family’s hands are drying out here’s an easy treatment you can try at home with what you have.  If you have body scrubs, face or body oils and moisturisers, great, use them.  If not then here are some ideas from the kitchen too!

  • Wash your hands 
  • Mix some salt or sugar into your hand wash (or oil if your hands are very dry), without adding water to make into a scrub and exfoliate 
  • Test patch first and don’t use any food oils you know you are allergic too
  • Rinse your hands
  • Massage more oil on especially onto nails and cuticles.  You can use coconut oil, sunflower or olive oil from the kitchen
  • Apply thick layer of any moisturiser on top or hand cream if you have it 
  • Wrap your hands in cling film or a plastic bag and put socks over each hand for warmth or put your hands on your lap and use a hot water bottle.
  • Allow all the products to absorb for as long as you like.  This could be anything from 10 minutes to a few hours – if you’re watching a film.
  • Remove all coverings and see improved, moist, softened and comfortable hands!  It may be something fun to do with the children too! 
DIY Beauty Hand Treatment

Nursem Beauty Initiative

A hand treatment brand with a wonderful and relevant nursing story which is an amazing initiative and up for a CEW award is Nursem.  Developed by a nurse for her sore hands, they give products back to nurses and midwives as the company grows.  What a wonderful story and never more topical than now.  You can read their story here.

Nursem Caring Hand Cream

Beauty FAQ’s with PRAI Beauty

One of my most recommended products for the neck and décolleté from PRAI is on a special offer today.  It contains 3 supersizes of the ageless throat in the day, night and intensive serum formula to envelope your neck, décolleté and bust in these powerful result products.  A luxurious way to see results and take years of the look of your neck and cleavage these multi award winning products are definitely worth a try and give great results even if you’ve neglected this area for years.  It may be a great one to send to your mother if in isolation and follow her results with your own photos and FaceTime’s.

Prai Ageless Beauty
Prai Ageless Beauty

With lockdown and social distancing essential do let me know what videos and advice you would like me to share.  If you haven’t already do reassess your beauty analysis with my free tutorials here.  I also have videos up for teenage skin and so many other FAQ’s which may help you or your family.

Stay well!  We’re all in this together.


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  1. I have trusted Alison since my 20s and I’m now quite close to 50! Alison with QVC always give excellent advice and the products are top notch with an amazing price attached, I haven’t bought beauty from anywhere else for years, keep up the good work. QVC have always been ahead of the game offering products that at the time weren’t well known outside salons, we now see them everywhere but certainly not at the price QVC offer, and Alison is fundamental in helping me select what’s best for me.

  2. Alison you give great and honest opinions on beauty.Stay safe in these worrying times.Look forward to more of your posts.

  3. Alison is someone I trust for excellent and trusted information. The knowledge I have gained is purely down to Alison and her advice.

  4. I have shopped with you for 20 years alison.
    You give excellent and trusted information.
    The knowledge I have gained is down to alison and her advice..one question can I mix my face moisturiser and sun cream together?

  5. Hi, my friend has gel nails applied in a salon, can you offer advice on how to remove them safely at home now salons are closed. Many thanks. Lyn

  6. Alison Young you are lovely.
    I have followed you since Liz Earle first launched on QVC.
    I have learnt so much from you and I thank you so much for that. x

  7. thank you Alison I am one of those people who “stockpile special offers and have a lot of shower gels and was wondering if these are suitable to put into pump dispensers for out hands at this difficult time? or should I be buying “hand “specific products.

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