Exploring Retinol and an update on Zelda

It’s been a busy time with the year well under way, this transitional time of year is the perfect time to get your skin ready for peeling off layers of makeup. 

Exploring Retinol

Are you a retinol person or not?  It doesn’t suit everyone so take a look at this FAQ video about retinol for different ways to incorporate a retinol into your routine.  You can also head over to my Instagram and Facebook page to see which retinol products I recommend.

FAQ : Talking all things retinol

Exploring Retinol

Another way of fading sun spots is to topically apply glycolic just onto the pigmentation spots, using a cotton bud.  This should only be done in the evening and one of the most economical brands I can recommend is Alpha H. Try this on the small pigmented area, using a cotton bud in the evening. Do not use all over the face and make sure you follow the instructions. Most importantly apply Ultrasun anti-pigmentation day cream in the morning, which offers another fade ingredient too.

If you only want to change one step in your routine, try this daily exfoliant to get a polished bloom to your skin.  If you follow me on social you would have seen me post about The Method Polish recently over on IG stories, or you may have seen the photo over on Dr. Lancer’s page.  He is a dermatologist to the stars with clients like Victoria Beckham! 

The Method Polish

Storm Ciara hits the farm

It’s been terrible weather and my thoughts and good wishes for any of you that have had troubles. On the farm we had a few fences down and a tree! Once it dries out, I’ll have more firewood, which could be fortuitus with the power cut I’ve had. 

My boiler packed up recently and I had a car accident (no one was hurt) – so I took to the bath as there was still some hot water.  My fav bath oil at the moment emulates forest bathing.  It’s been much spoken about recently in the press and on tv and radio.  According to a BBC documentary we should ideally try and get 120 minutes of green space a week to aid our mental health.  It’s not always possible so give this Aromatherapy Associates Forest Therapy Bath & Shower Oil a go, it’s the next best thing to being outside and has the most amazing outdoor green aroma based on forest bathing.

Exploring retinol
Aromatherapy Bath & Shower Oil

Zelda Update

Zelda is definitely having double hip replacement this year!  I am sad but I know that it’s the best thing for her now. Stem cell and physio hasn’t worked and she is deteriorating.  So, I had an appointment with the surgeon and will get the first op available in the spring then the second hip if all goes well in the autumn.

Gorgeous Zelda and Ferguson

Ferguson is literally staying alive to help her.  At 10 years old he is ancient for a Doberman but he has responded well to heart treatment and is doing great.  Incidentally those Cozee Home Throws are great value and wash great. We all get under this throw when I get to sit down! 

Zelda and Ferguson
Zelda and Ferguson with their Cozee Home Throw

Dates for your diary

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6 Replies to “Exploring Retinol and an update on Zelda”

  1. Aww alison hope all goes well with your gorgeous doggie. I have a beautiful little shiatsu and she is deformed in both front legs and has hip dysplasia in both back legs she is 2 years 6 months old nothing can be done for her but she is one of lifes little miracles she just keeps on going and is so happy. So good luck zelda and thanks Ali for all the great info you give us. Xx

  2. Hoping you get the boiler fixed as we all know how much you love your showers. Love and wishes to Zelda on her opp from Alfie my Victorian bull dog who had TPA surgery last year to fix a ACL rupture and he is well on the mend after several months of hard work on both our behalves, he is now having physio. Love and belly rubs to Ferguson. See you on QVC, beauty addict Alfie and myself watch QVC at some point every day. Xx

  3. Hi Alison… a question re.retinol please for year old fairly typical skin! I’ve used lower strength budget products before… GOW/The Ordinary and couldn’t see any noticeable difference.Could you recommend one .. that might be more effective … upping my budget if necessary ? Really enjoyed the very easy to understand video… so easy to get confused 👋Thank you!

  4. Hi get comfortable walking shoes when you’re best friend is over the op. For you will see such a wonderful change my dog Bob had one hip done, we had to travel from N Ireland to get it done. Worth every penny. But be OCD with post op instructions. That is when it’s in your hands as to it being a success. Best wishes for when it happens xx

  5. My Labrador has HD, she’s 10 now and struggling, sadly she’s too old for surgery now. I wish I had got them done when she was younger, but she was very fit and was managing fine with a lot of exercise until about 7-8 as hers is classified as “mild” Good luck with Zelda’s surgery x

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