12 Beauty Days of Christmas

Happy Christmas everyone!  I hope you’ve having a lovely time with your family and friends!  It’s the time of the year where we reflect on our achievements and look ahead to the new year. 

Christmas and New Years Resolution Planning
New Year’s Resolution Planning

Speaking of, if you are looking at new year’s resolutions, I can certainly recommend some beauty ones that won’t cost you any money but will make you feel better and get the most from your beauty and grooming routines.  If you are lucky enough to be enjoying some time off and received some lovely beauty presents. now is the time to get organised!

12days of a beautiful Christmas / Resolutions

  • Drink more water!  It’s the cheapest skin plumper on the market!
  • Reanalyse your skin type and any related conditions. Make use of my free tutorials here as this will help you understand what type of products and techniques suit you.
  • Line up your products in order of use, in the places that you will use them, to save time and prioritise your routine.
  • Experiment and choose your new makeup look, laying out key products next to your mirror.  Do this once a week or a month in the new year to keep yourself up to date and reorganise your makeup bag and work out your priorities.
Make up look for Christmas
  • Men’s shaving – work out what you need and put everything together with your shaver/blades on a separate shelf.  Beauty hack – face oil before shaving cream and after.  If you are using an electric shaver then after only really as it helps to keep the skin in great condition, reducing rashes
  • Water is a great mindfulness tool so use your bathing time, when you can, for enjoyment and relaxation at least once per week 
Relaxing Bath at Christmas
Enjoy a relaxing bath

12 Beauty Days of Christmas

  • Sleep!! Lack of sleep exasperates every beauty problem from spots, thinning hair, allergies, extreme dryness / oiliness as well as fullness and dark circles.  Look after yourself and get more sleep.
  • Blue light – be strict with yourself and have phone free time.  A healthy mind makes a healthy body, face and person.  You will look and feel better.
  • Oxygen – feeds skin hair and nails and takes away with CO2 waste from the skin this can be stimulated with deep breathing & exercise
  • Massage can bring nutrients to problem areas. Even 30 seconds more a day with your hands or a beauty tool can make a difference to the glow of your skin
  • You are what you eat! Bad diet can result in bad skin, hair and nails so take care of yourself 
  • Beauty tools can make or break a routine.  Stock up on cotton wool, tissues, cotton buds, face clothes and brushes so you don’t run out when work and family life get manic in the new year 

Happy New Year

Wishing you, your loved ones and your animals a healthy and happy New Year!

Happy New Year

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  1. Hope you all have a lovely day.Thank you for all your knowledge I don’t need to shop in the stores for cosmetics now because you and Qvc have some lovely products at competitive prices.xxx

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy 2020. All your tips and tricks are so educational and I love your humour. You’d be a fab friend. I look younger now than I did all those years ago, Ali, when I first became a fan on QVC. Thank you!

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