Hosting the BABTAC beauty conference, an old friend does an Instagram takeover and another beauty hack!

What a week it’s been in the beauty world!  I hosted the BABTAC Innovative Beauty Conference, caught up with old friends and have some great must-have beauty treats coming up on QVC this Beauty Day!

Set the mood with Essential Oils

But first, let’s talk essential oils. I recently bought the Maya Diffuser for my sister-in-law’s birthday as she has just had an extension and I wanted her house to smell as good as mine (considering I’m on a farm with dogs, I only smell of essential oils so I know I’m on to a winner)!  I love to fragrance different rooms with different essential oils for different moods.  The easiest way to do this is with a diffuser and with a large capacity, Maya diffuses for up to 6 hours!

Maya Diffuser

BABTAC Innovative Beauty Conference

As you may have seen on my social platforms, it’s been a busy week of awards.  As promised here I am with the Woman and Home editor Charley at a wonderful evening in London presenting all the winners.  Make sure to check out the October issue for the winners.

Alison and Charley
Charley and I
The lovely winners at the BABTAC Innovative Beauty Conference
The lovely winners at the BABTAC Innovative Beauty Conference

I was so thrilled to be asked to host the BABTAC #innovativebeautyconference and awards night.  This is the professional body all qualified verified professionals should be a member of.  It shows you have insurance so if you are in the industry then check them out.  If you are a customer, ask if your therapist/tech/artist/salon is a member and if not question why! I’ve been a member since college!

It was great to catch up with old friends!  Caroline Hirons and I go way back (probably 20 or more years).  Caroline was there giving a presentation on social media and crashing in my room! I’ve left her takeover up on the highlight section over on my Instagram page, pop over and see what we got up to!

Caroline and I having a catch up
BABTAC Innovative Beauty Conference
BABTAC Innovative Beauty Conference

Beauty hack 

So when you have a suitcase full of everything and 3 days on the road, what a(part from toothpaste) do you not want to forget?  Yip, deodorant!  So, I washed with few drops of tea tree oil on damp flannel and this of course worked as it kills bacteria which cause smells and is one of my back packers’ tricks, I recommend on FAQ here.

Dates for your diaries

Although my regular beauty insider show has sadly finished until the new year, I wanted to do Christmas specials for you but alas QVC had no room.  I am on TV this weekend launching beauty day Saturday at 2100 and 2200 and then again on Sunday at 1500, 1600 and 1900.  Jane Scrivner is back in stock too!  So, if you love clean, natural, British Beauty she will be featuring in my Saturday evening show and has an hour on Monday at 11pm too!  You can shop Beauty Day here

Jane Scrivner 4 Piece Nourishing Oils Collection


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