A busy week of beauty awards, filming and getting ready for the new season

Country Life

It’s been a busy week in the country getting the fields ready for the winter! I’ve been using organic natural seaweed for fertiliser and lime to balance soil pH. Did you know the same applies to your skin?  If your pH levels are wrong or unbalanced it can cause poor quality skin or persistent sensitivity and breakouts.

Country Life
Country Life

Beauty hack 

Although I don’t normally advocate homemade beauty, if your skin is out of balance and misbehaving try using a thin layer of organic plain natural probiotic yogurt as a face mask.  This has worked for me and can be especially effective for any imbalance caused by the time of the month, illness or skin that is out of balance.  Always remember to test patch first but if this works you can use it as a ‘rescue’ for 10 minutes a few times a week. Tip: If you start seeing results, you’ll know that it’s worth buying skincare products that contain probiotic ingredients.

Beauty Awards

It’s been a busy week in the world of beauty too and I was involved in two beauty award events.  I was asked to be a judge again for Woman and Home where I helped select products from the UK beauty industry.  If you haven’t already, do you pick up a copy of the magazine if you would like to find out more.

Woman and Home
Woman and Home

Last Friday night I hosted the QVC Beauty Excellence awards.  It was such a fun evening and what makes these awards even more special is that the winners are voted for by you and other consumers.  If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen some photos from the events of the evening on my story posts.  If you weren’t able to join us live you can still view and shop the nominees and winners here.

QVC Excellence Awards
QVC Beauty Excellence Awards

I’ve been filming again in my home studio, which I love! As not only does this allow me to create video tutorials and content for use across my website and social platforms, I can also create content for brands I work with on things like tutorial training and launch videos too.  If you are a brand and would like to find out more about my consultancy business, you can contact me here.

Filming at my home studio
Filming at my home studio

Dates for your diary

I have my regular Beauty Insider show tonight at 8pm followed by a live Q&A on both my Facebook and Instagram page!  It’s proven to be very popular so thank you for being part of it!  I’ll try and get through as many questions as I can, and I’ll use any questions we don’t get time to answer for my next FAQ filming.  Make sure you check the FAQ section on my website alisonyoungbeauty.com if I didn’t manage to answer your question.


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  1. Lovely post Alison and enjoyed the Beauty Awards. Wanted to share that I ordered the Votary cleansing oil and facial order at a great price on qvc and it’s lovely. The oils are beautiful and feel great on the skin. Skin looks very clean and clear.

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