Taya Beauty product testing, beauty awards and how I relax before bedtime.

Taya Beauty

Taya Beauty are back on air on QVC on Thursday 22nd August at 1100 and 1700. Although I won’t be in the studio on Thursday I have been testing some exciting new products which will be available to purchase in their shows! The Guarana range is brill for cleansing and stimulating the scalp! It has given a thickening result on my hair which has been commented on almost daily!

The Coconut Water range is very moisturising and brightening on hair colour and gives a great shine with volume. I’ve been alternating these two ranges to great effect. Top tip – take this along to the hairdresser if you have any colour or chemical treatments and ask them to use it when they wash your hair. My hairdresser was amazed at the natural generous lather and how shiny my highlights were straight away!

Taya Beauty
A recent shoot at my home studio with the Taya Beauty products I have been testing.

Beauty Excellence Awards

In other news, the nominees for the Beauty Excellence Awards are up on the QVC website. Get your hero products noticed by casting your vote in the Beauty Excellence Awards 2019.

QVC UK Beauty Excellence Awards

An evening of tranquil sleep

This has been one of my long-time favourites and also has the highest quality essential oils! I first trained in this brand with the original founder over 30 years ago! The Deep Relax Bath Shower Oil from Aromatherapy Associates is a product I use regularly to unwind at the end of a long day! Top tip : on late nights I just rub some on my pulse points and chest and go straight to sleep then shower the next morning this makes it last even longer.

Update on Zelda

Poor Zelda continues to be in the wars. We spayed her this week which should make her more comfortable. She was cycling 3 monthly – but she then had false pregnancies straight away! Thankfully this will be the last time and it should be safer if she needs hip surgery; as you know we are trying to avoid that. We also farmed stem and platelet cells from when she was anaesthetised for injection into her hips in the future. Besides her 4 swimming appointments every week, she is now also having laser treatment for pain relief and tissue repair.

Beautiful Zelda

Question & Answer Time – Are you seeing double?

I have my regular Beauty Insider show tonight at 8pm followed by a live Q&A on my Facebook AND Instagram page! We did this for the first time last week and so many of you loved it so I will be doing it again starting at 9.05pm. I can’t get through all of your questions but I do try to get through as many as possible and use the questions we don’t get time to answer for FAQ filming. I always look forward to doing it again! Make sure to check the FAQ section on my website alisonyoungbeauty.com if I didn’t manage to answer your question.

Live in studio on the Beauty Insider

If you missed my last blog, you can read it here.

2 Replies to “Taya Beauty product testing, beauty awards and how I relax before bedtime.”

  1. Hi glad Zelda is recovering well. I had a hip replacement on one side and actually had stem cells put into the other one, it was very successful in creating more cartilage than I had left, I’m not in much pain with it now so it was well worth doing, (although I realise I’m a human not a Doberman)! I remember you mentioned turmeric for yourself and Zelda, is there any particular type or brand you prefer? I’m keen to try it for myself and my labrador for hip dysplasia and the subsequent arthritis. Xx

  2. Great blog Ali and big cuddles to Zelda xx I have the aromeratherpy associates oil as I met the guest on guest audition day. I love it in the bath but didnt realise I could add it directly to pulse points and chest too, will be sure to try that. See you soon at the Q! Craig xx

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