Diary Dates and Beauty Hacks!

This week on the blog there is a date for your diary if you’re an Elemis fan and if you’ve been looking for new Beauty Hacks to achieve your best skin keep reading! I hope you like it!

Diary dates 

It was wonderful to catch up with Elemis Co-Founder, Oriele Frank, recently. I’ve known this brand since the beginning. Oriele herself is a therapist and loves being creative with products! I’m looking forward to the shows coming up on QVC this Sunday at 1300 and 1600. Watch this space for some of my beauty picks in the future!

Talking all things beauty with Elemis Co-Founder,  Oriele Frank
Talking all things beauty with Elemis Co-Founder, Oriele Frank


I recently spent a morning with Josephine Pembroke, sharing my beauty secrets with her over on a RADIO GORGEOUS podcast. If you want to check it out you can listen to it here.

Josephine Pembroke and I doing a podcast for RADIO GORGEOUS
Josephine Pembroke and I doing a podcast for RADIO GORGEOUS

Beauty Hacks

lip balm

With it being so hot for so long I have so many lip balms on the go – in pockets, bags, and cars! The problem is that in the lipstick tube sizes you never quite get to the bottom of them. Try warmer the tube with a hairdryer to melt the last bit of product and then pour it into an empty jar style container to make a whole new product!

Don’t use this from an SPF point of view as it has been weakened by mixing but it is great for next to your bed. Remember if your lips feel dry and they look more creased it’s a sign of dehydration so drink more water too! 

My current selection of lip and beauty balms
My current selection of lip and beauty balms
home facial

One FAQ I often get is how to do a home facial that feels thorough and really shows a difference when you’re tired or after stress or illness. Something that’s really thorough and that I’ve recommended for years is the Ole Henrikson Power Peel. It contains the exact doses of a 3-step facial for home use which comes from his famous celebrity facial for Hollywood A listers. It’s easy to travel with too as you can take one treatment away with you. Step 1 is a deep exfoliation after which you use a peel to smooth skin. Step 3 is a neutralising calming mask to give back to the skin. It takes about 20-30 minutes to do but it’s worth it!  If you would like to see more FAQ’s answered head on over to my website alisonyoungbeauty.com.

Ole Henrikson Power Peel
Ole Henrikson Power Peel

In hot weather your skin gets oilier, but did you know that it’s still essential to keep moisturised to help balance fluid. Serums can be perfect for this. Try step down to a gel or fluid serum during the warmer summer months.


I first talked about cocktailing 20+ years ago with beauty products so it’s interesting to see that so many fragrance houses talk about this now, using multiple fragrances to create your own fragrance. Customising your own fragrance can be tricky between brands unless you really study the notes but is easier if you buy fragrances from the same company! 

TV and Radio

I’m back on your screens this week on QVC. My regular Beauty Insider show will take place tonight at 8pm, followed by a live Q&A over on my Facebook and Instagram page with Will Gowing where I answer your beauty dilemmas. So if you don’t already follow me on social, you can do so here. I always love getting your questions and as a qualified industry expert I love customising your routine with tips and techniques.

On set at QVC for my Beauty Insider show
On set at QVC for my Beauty Insider show


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  1. Hi Alison, Just listened to your Radio Gorgeous interview. Really enjoyed it and as always, full of your endless knowledge and honesty. Great idea to discuss this on the radio and hope there will be further spots.

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