Staycation & Swimming!

Out & About

I have been taking a few weeks off from TV and have been enjoying simple things like going to bed at bedtime and getting up at breakfast – although with 25 years of no sleep pattern it takes a while to adjust but having a healthy breakfast to get up to has helped!!

I love having time to test out so many new products and measure them against the heritage proven brands and formulas I trust…and I get to fall back in love with these old formulas all over again! I have lots of key essential oils blooming in my garden that remind me of so many great products and I have been blending my own as an aromatherapist -try taking inspiration from in season blooms for your atomisers. I also love using mint as a digestive tummy settling aid in tea infusions!

Summer Skin Problem

Summer sunshine can cause more oil to be produced by your skin which is perfectly normal as it’s a way of your skin trying to defend itself. To help balance the skin out do add a non drying wash or a cleanser that works with water into your routine – for more information check out my free tutorial on combination skin or oily skin that you can find here.

Dog Update

Thanks for all your love for Zelda – she is now swimming to help her hips and doing lots of quick marching walks, which is also helping my knees!!

TV & Radio

I’m back on your screens this week on QVC – my highlight show will be my regular Wednesday evening 8pm Beauty Insider show which is followed, as usual, by a live Q&A over on my Facebook page with Will Gowing where I answer your beauty dilemmas (if you don’t follow me on social you can do so here). I always love getting your questions and as a qualified industry expert I love customising your routine with tips and techniques.

Then I’m back on QVC this Thursday, Friday and Saturday and on Sunday it is the Elemis Today’s Special Value day which is always a giggle with Keeley – especially if the studios are roasting and we’re delirious with the heat!

Beauty Hack

Worth over £200, if you want to buy the Elemis Today’s Special Value early for just £67 you can do so by click/tapping here.

Perfect for this time of year with holidays and muggy heat, the skincare collection includes cooling calming micellar cleanser and of course the multi award winning pro collagen marine cream. Choose original for combination/normal skin or my skin loves the rich option! This collection is also great for deprived sleep and sticky nights that make your skin look tired and dehydrated – you can help prevent this from happening with not only the clever Peptide4 Night Recovery Cream-Oil, which helps you wake up looking refreshed, but also the Peptide4 Plumping Pillow Facial – a cool treatment infused night cream that seals in moisture and helps protect from the muggy night sweats.

In addition you also get the Frangipani treatments: a shower/bathing cream and an intoxicating body cream. I often get asked to describe this smell and I think it’s like evening jasmine blooms on a warm breeze! I certainly have loved using it on my staycation – I hope you enjoy too 🙂

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  1. I read with interest your section on summer night skincare. I have really dry/eczema prone/peri menopausal skin but I have developed a lot of open pores. I already exfoliate 2 or 3 times a week with chemical exfoliants, I double cleanse when I use makeup, I wear ultrasun spf 50 during the day and either elemis or decleor products in the evening (elemis for summer and decleor for winter) due to the texture. I’ve recently incorporated a retinol serum also. Is there something else I should be doing? Many thanks

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