Judging Season, Lavender Love & Cat Napping!

Out & About

Judging season is in full thrust and as an industry judge I take very seriously my responsibilities – I’ve recently taken part in the Woman and Home Beauty Award judging where I only recommend or put forward products that I know. I make sure that I have tested them all to make sure that they are great for customers and clients, and I often recommend products that I covert as an industry expert as I know that they are top of their league. So follow my social media channels to keep up to date on the different awards that I have been involved with and be the first to know when they are announced. If you don’t follow me already you can do so here.

Video Update

I’ve been filming more in the home studio, which has been enlightening as I’ve been developing videos and concepts for magazines and beauty brands as well as my own social and website videos for you to watch. I hope you enjoy and please let me know what videos you would like to see me film by commenting on this post.

Beauty Hack

I have probably over one hundred lavender plants at home which have been in bloom for a month and will continue to bloom for a couple more, so I’ve been making natural herb pillows which couldn’t be simpler! Start by chopping some lavender and folding it into a thin cloth, then use a rolling pin over the flowers to release the oil which has a calming and de-stressing effect – perfect for the evening to put underneath your pillow at night to help aid sleep.

Your Beauty Problem

Nail length and strength is something I often get questions on and the solution is to address both at the same time. Watch my video below to find out more.

Beauty Thought

Cat napping! Sleep is essential for regeneration of skin cells and as the skin is the largest organ of the body it is particularly important. If, like me, you work unusual hours, or if you have young children or illnesses then sleep deprivation is detrimental to the look of your skin, hair and nails – not just the obvious dark circles! If you don’t sleep well then try grabbing just short snaps of relaxation where you can – try to empty your mind to help switch off, even if it’s in your parked car whilst you are waiting to pick up the kids or in a quiet part of the house. It does make a huge difference!

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  1. Hi Alison, could you give advice on your blog regarding thinking get eyebrows. I am 49 and for the last few years the ‘tails’ on my brows have got extremely thin. I have tried applying castor oil, coconut oils and various high street brow treatments to aid growth. All to no avail. I am using Gimme Brow and Smashbox Brow Tech to cosmetically fill in the spare Brow ends, but even the small Gimme Brow applicator I’m finding is too large! Any advice would be gratefully received. I have heard about microblading but the thought terrifies me and I also don’t know enough about this procedure. Kind regards, Lisa

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