Shopping Myths & Dog Hips!

Out & About

I’ve been out and about up and down the country checking out retail products and services that are available from top stores, like Selfridges in London, through to niche beauty boutiques. I found that there certainly is an array of very confusing products out there! Every brand and shop is made and paid to look incredibly enticing but is it right for you? For me it always comes back to the knowledge that I share with you – be accurate in your own skin, hair and nail diagnosis. You can do this by watching my free tutorials here, so that you can be in control of your routine and choose what results you want and how much time and money you want to spend, as well as being confident in your own beauty ethics.

Dog Update

Many of you that follow me on social media (and for those that don’t you can follow me here) know that unfortunately Zelda, at only 3, has hip dysplasia and went to Fitzpatrick’s vets (the famous super vet off the telly!) where she was booked in for the first of her double hip replacement later this week. However, there’s some good news! Although I can’t change the state of her x-rays, she has actually improved with help from a controlled exercise regime as well as my arnica, turmeric and herbal tinctures!! So now we’re looking at appointments for possible stem cell and physio instead – much better than major surgery 🙂

Beauty Hack

What a delicious multi tasking cleansing balm this has proven to be from Elemis – have you tried it yet? There’s not long to get yours at a fantastic price and there may be little stock left so don’t miss out as this is especially good on warm evenings when the balms neroli really comes into it’s own. You can shop here to find out more and get yours. 

Your Beauty Problems

I often get asked what the difference is between lifestyle products verses problem solving products. Watch my video to find out how to choose which products to go for.

Beauty Thought

So many times in my consultations I talk about keeping products where you can easily use them – for example moisturisers, hand treatments and lip balms at your desk and lip balms, oils and foot creams next to your bed! With the summer approaching reassess your product priorities and have them close to hand so that you can get the best results out of them.

10 Replies to “Shopping Myths & Dog Hips!”

  1. The tips/advise you give us is so valuable. My skin is so smooth with less noticable darker patches. I’m 65 and feel more confident without foundation than l have for years. You are the only person l truly trust to give impartial advise. Thank you.

  2. So pleased to hear about your dog and to find you are already using Tumeric for him. I belong to a group and use a Tumeric paste myself it’s a fantastic anti inflammatory for humans and animals x

  3. Lovely news about Zelda! Hope she continues to improve and wonderful that there might be help for the future other than a major surgery! Fingers crossed for you all!

  4. Love your blogs Ali! so pleased your pooch is heading in the right direction, I have dogs n horses and love to follow you. I am a Judith Williams convert after following you like elemis but prefer JW keep on helping us xx

  5. Great news about you dog, have used arnica on your qvc recommendation for years, wouldn’t be without it x

  6. Fabulous news for your doggie. I have a question regarding cleansers. I am 59 fortunately my skin is good however when I use any cleanser that requires water/cloth etc my chin and nose seem to get dry patches. Can you please advise. I have purchased the new elemis cleanser which I like but still have this issue. I have also been using judith williams retinol serum. Thank you.

  7. Cannot thank you enough Alison for giving me the knowledge and gift of good skin over the years! Unfortunately I have heridetary skin issues…had BCCs 5 times over 30yrs ( on my face), now tackling a 6th bout. Again my plastic surgeon has remarked on the healthy, hydrated supple skin I have and that again I may be spared a skin graft or at worst a flap. My regular use of Ultrasun F50 as well as Decleor oils combined with Prolagene gel and doing face masks with Elemis cleansing balm are my secret life saviours all thanks to your honest product presentations on QVC. Following surgery I have also used SBC aloe vera gel mixed with their lavender gels. It all works for me and truly enjoy using these products that give me a much needed reassurance and inner calm.
    Thank you Alison, keep doing what you are doing so well for all of us!!

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