Busy Busy!

Well it’s been a busy time on all fronts with me and I wanted to tell you about my new home TV studio! When I’m filming my free tutorials and brand information videos for my website, YouTube and all social platforms, as well as videos for magazines and my Q&A’s, I film from home or at a brands HQ .

You seem to be enjoying these videos and I’m getting a great response from you all – thank you! I will be doing more filming and LIVE social broadcasts from home so do let me know more subjects that interest you and that you would like me to cover. Now with a permanent studio and lighting with several different set ups for skin, hair and makeup as well as my house set ups, I can share more information with you all in the future.

My Beauty Problem

Living on a farm, having horses, dogs and being on TV as well as entering the gardening and DIY season means my hands should be taking a battering but my top tip to avoid this is to exfoliate the hands more often to take away in ground paint/dirt – this stops any build up of hard/calloused skin.

Beauty Hack

My hack when I haven’t got a specific hand scrub, or one that’s not strong enough, is to use sugar or salt mixed into a favourite wash before adding water. Or for a more intense effect add to a water free formula, such as an oil or balm, then massage over hands and then add water to rinse – the result is soft clean hands and cuticles! For more hand and nail knowledge click/tap here!

Your Beauty Problem

I get a lot of questions regarding teenage skin, in particular the changes they go though at this stage, which I’ve addressed in my video below:

You can find more of my answers to Frequently Asked Questions here. 

Out and About

As a leading industry expert I have been advising BABTAC, the leading body for training qualified and salon beauty professionals. I have been a member since college and if you are in the industry with a qualification or a salon/service business you really should be a member and I hope to see you at the awards ceremony that I am hosting later in the year! You can find out more about BABTAC here https://www.babtac.com/

If you’re a customer/client then a registered professional is an insured professional and is worth checking with your therapist/salon/spa .

Behind the scenes in the industry I am very much about bringing education up to date and future proofing these qualification and this year I went back and gave a talk to my old college to encourage students and find out their concerns and questions. 

I also loved catching up with Lee Stafford who does so much work behind the scenes in the hairdressing industry and with the government to gain more insight into his passion for education too – an inspiring meeting of minds.

Beauty Thought

Treated and cared for buffed/painted toes make you smile – it certainly does me! It’s the first thing I look at when I get out of bed and look down to see where to put my feet 🙂

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  1. Alison. Your advice over the years has helped me so much more than all the years I have been back and for to the Dermatology hospital with excema and skin cancer on my scalp twice. I am 50 yrs old and still trying to understand my skin. Looking forward to all the new videos from your new studio ❤️❤️

  2. Looking forward to your new posts and videos. I would like to know about supermarket or chemist brands which are similar to high end products.
    Many thanks

  3. Hi alison please tell me do i apply ultra sun to my face before my moisturiser..so confused..neither seem to sink in..
    Thankyou jill pantry.x

  4. Hi Alison, I can’t thank you enough for all of your fantastic advice. How do I get rid of dark Mark’s left by my bra straps?
    Many thanks Kirsty x

  5. I should love a show/tutorial regarding all of the different beauty devices there are. Which ones are best for different type of beauty problems.

  6. Hi Alison any advice with under eye products that will help with lost of collagen I’m 64 any advice will be very helpful thank you Xx

  7. Ahhhh when I was younger my dad used to tinker with cars, always used sugar and a bit of margarine. Its brilliant!

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